The Do’s and Don’ts of a Live Network Event

by Janet Metzger | The Network Marketer's Den

Episode Summary –

Slowly we are getting back to normal life.

That means live events are starting.

Live events have always been a crucial part of my successful career as a Network Marketer.

If done in the right way, it allows you to meet new people and generate leads.

To make the utmost from live events, you need to have the right strategy. And nowadays, I find people have forgotten the fundamentals.

It is not about just displaying your products; it is the place to boost your business.

In this episode, I talk about live events’ do’s and don’ts. If you can engage people with the right strategies, it can boost your business 10X times.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • What questions should you ask before saying yes to the event?
  • How should you promote the event?
  • How to prepare beforehand for the event?
  • What mistakes do most people make that you must avoid?
  • Why setting a goal is so important for having a successful live event?
  • Why should you never have too many inventories on your booth?
  • How to gather leads from live events?