Staying on Top of Your Business and Health with Risa Morimoto

by Janet Metzger | The Network Marketer's Den

Episode Summary –

In today’s fast-paced world, we face many health challenges trying to balance our businesses, marketing career, and personal life. There is just so much that is dependent upon us, and we often risk wearing ourselves out. So many of us have difficulty setting boundaries, saying no, and taking care of ourselves, which can lead to burnout. Taking a preventative approach to your health and business is key because they will all suffer when you get sick. So, find your non-negotiables and prioritize them to enhance your health.

In this episode, Risa Morimoto, a network marketer concerned about the health of entrepreneurs, talks about alternative, global approaches to holistic health and wellness and strategies you can use to promote your health and stay on top of your business.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

[00:00] Episode intro and a bit about today’s guest, Risa Morimoto

[03:38] Risa’s career journey and her business, Modern Aging

[04:44] Health challenges people encounter trying to balance entrepreneurship, marketing, and personal life 

[06:04] Finding your non-negotiables and making them a priority to promote your health

[07:19] Creating time, reorganizing, and incorporating your non-negotiables in your lives  

[10:50] The power of video: How to use YouTube strategically to reach your audience as a network marketer 

[15:32] The importance of consistency in creating videos and promoting the product that you believe in

[18:03] What Risa is doing with Dr. June Chen to help entrepreneurs and practitioners 

[22:23] How to reach out to Risa and learn more about staying healthy as an entrepreneur 

[23:56] Episode wrap-up and call to action 

About Risa Morimoto 

Founder and CEO of Modern Aging, Risa is a certified integrative nutrition health coach. She is passionate about ensuring people live the second half of their life feeling strong, fulfilled, and empowered.

Though Risa is the host of the Modern Aging YouTube Channel, she has spent most of her career behind the camera as a producer and director of documentaries (Wings of Defeat, Broken Harmony: China’s Dissidents) and TV (HGTV – House Hunters International, Selling NY, Animal Planet, A&E). 

Through Modern Aging, she deep dives and shares her findings on alternative, global approaches to holistic health and wellness. 

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