Janet Metzger

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Helping you to grow, develop and scale up your Network Marketing Business.

I’m Janet

I am an experienced Network Marketing Coach and Consultant with a demonstrated history of achieving stellar results. Having been a leader in various organizations, my experience varies from start-up businesses to Fortune 100 Companies.

” Many years ago I traveled around Avon nation giving presentations at Division meetings across the country and one of the most successful Division Managers I ever worked with was Janet Metzger. (You may have seen me interview her recently on Monday Morning Madness) I’m excited that she just recently started her own coaching/learning platform — and I just signed up! I think it’s a great value, too: $9.97 a month or $99 for the year. (and no I am not earning anything for plugging her — I just really think this is a worthwhile training platform for in depth information about our profession). I don’t know about you, but I even have a budget line in my annual budget for EDUCATION — and this is a perfect way to invest in myself. I’m in! I’m passing this information along because I think it is always a great idea to learn over and above what the company you rep for provides. She even created a private Facebook group for those people to interact — so we will get to network with other professionals in our industry as well. I’m excited about this new learning opportunity! “

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