10 Goal-Setting Mistakes to Avoid to Achieve your Goals in 2022

by Janet Metzger | The Network Marketer's Den

Episode Summary –

As the year-end is around the corner, it is time to set your goals for 2022. But before that, lets reflect on your 2021 goals:

  • How focused were you with your goals this year?
  • Have you over-achieved or under-achieved your goals?
  • Did you end up being synced with your goal, or do you find yourself far away from your goals?
  • Where you are today, is it matching with what you have planned?

Often, I find my clients, and most people set some crazy goals at the beginning of every year, but they end up doing something else at the end of the year.

As per reports, almost 92% of the people who set their New Years goals never achieve them. Goal setting is a wonderful tool to grow & keep you motivated, o if done in the right way. 

In this episode, I share the top 10 reasons people fail to achieve their goals, which you must avoid to succeed in 2022.

If your goals are dependent on others, there is a real good chance you will not achieve it.”

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Why do I never set New Years Resolution?
  • Why are people reluctant to set goals?
  • The top 10 mistakes you must avoid that people make in goal setting that prevents them from reaching their goals.