Your Belief is the Secret Sauce for Success in Your Network Marketing Business with Lisa Carmichael

by Janet Metzger | The Network Marketer's Den

Episode Summary –
The first step towards achieving your goals & success is believing that you will.

Often, we get so lost with what others think, say, and do that we forget to listen to ourselves.

You can follow others’ footsteps & formula of success, but if you don’t believe in yourself that you can achieve success, you will fail miserably.

In today’s episode, Lisa Carmichael talks about the importance of self believe & self-love. She shares some strategies on how to build a successful business.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Lisa shares some of her mistakes which you must avoid to build a successful business.
  • Lisa talks about how the “naysayers” affect your mindset and How to handle them.
  • Lisa talks about why we get pulled into other people’s thinking.
  • Lisa shared some of the don’ts you should avoid while marketing your business on social media.
  • Lisa talks about one mistake that most people make in social media, which affects their business growth.
  • Lisa talks about Comparing & Competing and how it has helped her succeed.
  • Lisa talks about her “Believe+Trust+Being” strategy.

About Lisa Carmichael:

Lisa Carmichael is an entrepreneur and marketing professional who lives in Minnesota. Shes a dedicated wife, and the mother of three adult children whose transition into adulthood and the step into an empty nest was part of this journey. Her big accomplishment in 2021 was becoming a published author, of her book I Have Time for You.

Lisas marketing business focuses on developing a strong relationships, and her clients are entrepreneurs who want to stand out from their competitors and manage their reputations and legacies.

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