The Right Way to Do Online Communication To make Your Online Parties Successful

by Janet Metzger | The Network Marketer's Den

Episode Summary –
Face-to-face communications and online communications are very different.

With online communication, a lot of things can go wrong. You need to be mindful and do it in the right way to build relationships and generate business.

In this episode, we discuss the strategies of doing online communication in the right way and how you can host successful online parties and grow your Networking Marketing business.

“There is no DELETE in Online Communication.”

Key Points Discussed:

  • How to use online communication in the right way to grow your business?
  • Why do you need to be intentional with online communication?
  • Why is it important to be mindful when you are communicating online?
  • How to organize a successful online party from start to finish?
  • What is the next step once the online party is over?
  • The misconception most of the people have about online parties
  • What makes Jamies online parties different from others?
  • An example of the types of follow-ups one needs to do after the online party to succeed.
  • Get details about Jamies upcoming event

Name of the Guest – Jamie Michelle

About the Guest –

Jamie Michelle is a college professor, seasoned public speaker, and motivational speaker. She has spent 18 years as a college professor teaching a variety of communication courses with an emphasis on public speaking. Jamie comes to the table with a Masters degree in corporate and public communication and a Masters degree in education. Jamie also has 28 years of sales experience. Her proven track record has won her many awards and achievements throughout her sales career. 

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