The Change that I went from Being the Feet on the Street to a Corporate Role by Stacia Waffen

by Janet Metzger | The Network Marketer's Den

Stacia Waffen has been in the direct sales industry for 12 years, both in the field as a leader and in corporate roles within field development. She considers it a true honor and privilege to work with consultants to help them realize their dreams and bring them to reality.
In her current role at MyL’Occitane, she is blessed to lead their consultants, partnering with them in growing the brand new organization as their coach and trainer.

Episode Summary: 

In our business, we face different challenges, but we still keep on pushing; coming straight from the street to become a noticeable professional when it comes to consultancy takes a huge belief.

In this episode, Stacia gives us her journey in the corporate business and how she has managed to maintain her relevancy despite the struggles she has gone through.

Snapshots of Key Topics From the Episode: 

[02:41] The background history of Stacia
04:37] Stacia’s corporate transition
[06:01] Stacia talks about the importance of having the right onboarding for a brand new consultant and the process she uses to onboard a new consultant.
[08:59] Stacia talks about the uniqueness of her company.
[11:07] Stacia shares 10 things you can do in 10 mins that can help you get business in Network Marketing.
[13:33] Definition of social selling by Stacia
[16:27] Stacia talks about how you can build personal connections with your consultants, irrespective of the fact you are training them online.
[19:41] Best moments in Stacia’s entrepreneurial journey
[20:43] Stacia talks about having authentic relationships with the team
[23:31] Stacia’s business strategy
[26:25] Stacia shares her strategy on how to convince your prospects
[28:09] Stacia’s business statistics
[31:24] Stacia talks about who is the right person to talk to about an earning opportunity?

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Stacia’s Offer – Click on the link to book a free 15-minutes business strategy session Strategy Session with Stacia