The 10 Most Important Factors That You Have to Consider to Attract the Right Prospect

by Janet Metzger | The Network Marketer's Den

Episode Summary –

The secret to becoming a successful Network Marketer is mastering the art of attracting the right people and converting them into customers.

You might have the right products/services, but it will not lead you any further if you haven’t built the right network.

Attracting the right prospects and being surrounded by the right people is crucial for every Network Marketer.

Attracting the right people accelerates your business productivity; when treated right, they become your ambassadors and later bring more business for you through referrals.

In today’s episode, I discuss how you can attract the right prospects for your business. I have highlighted ten essential things that you should consider to attract the right prospects for your business. 

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • How to become the person that others want to be around?
  • Why is it important to make your target prospects feel better about themselves?
  • You should include the three most important things in your daily schedule to get you more prospects.
  • The power of education, value, and knowledge – How it can help your business grow.
  • The “20 Question” rule you should follow daily to attract prospects.
  • A big mistake most Network Marketers make in prospecting.