LinkedIn Strategies for Connecting the Right Audience and Starting a Conversation with Melvin Veasley

by Janet Metzger | The Network Marketer's Den

Episode Summary –

Almost everyone is now on LinkedIn, but the question is, are you utilizing it to generate leads for your Network Marketing business?

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to generate high-quality leads, yet it is the most underrated and overlooked platform.

And the primary reason is they don’t have a proper strategy.

In this episode, Melvin Veasley shares some insightful strategies for utilizing LinkedIn to reach your target audience and start a conversation smoothly.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Melvin shares his background story and why he quit his corporate job in 2 years.
  • Why does Melvin consider LinkedIn to be the best platform to do business? And how to utilize LinkedIn to generate leads?
  • Melvin shares a live demonstration on finding the right audience for your business on LinkedIn.
  • Melvin shares strategies on how to write personalized and authentic messages on LinkedIn.
  • Melvin gives a quick demo of his software and how it works.
  • Melvin shares strategies for using LinkedIn filters to find the right audience.

Melvin has 20 years of corporate sales background. While at his corporate job, he started in Direct Sales and was able to leave corporate job after two years.

During the pandemic, he started exploring how to leverage internet marketing to build his direct sales business. That process led me to start his own Full-Service Digital Marketing Business, where he helps traditional business owners grow their businesses through digital marketing strategies.

As part of his agency, he also helps network marketers identify potential business partners and customers for their products and services.

Last year, he booked over 1100 personal Zoom meetings utilizing some of his strategies.

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