Key Principle that Every Direct Selling Leader needs to Follow to Reach the Top

by Janet Metzger | The Network Marketer's Den

Episode Summary –
Every successful leader in direct sales follows some key principles that make them more successful than others.

Primarily, we all focus on the soft skills but to reach the top; you need to master the hard skills as well. To be successful as a Direct Sales Leader, you need to be excellent in analyzing the matrix.

In this episode, we discuss and share the principles that every leader needs to master to build a successful direct selling business.

“It’s not about how many team members you have; what is most important is how many of them are active and engaged. And it all starts with launching them properly.”

Key Points Discussed:

  • 7:33 – What are the three most essential things required to be successful in the Direct Selling business?
  • 12:38 – What mistakes do you need to avoid while adding a new team member?
  • 14:50 – What do you need to do to make your team members successful?
  • 15:20 – What are the two most important things required to build a successful onboarding process?
  • 19:37 – What are the theories you need to follow to be on the top of the industry?
  • 26:28 – One thing that is the foundation of a successful KPI
  • 30:51 – How to engage your less engaged team members?
  • 34:54 – What challenges do leaders face while building their Direct Selling business?
  • 36:01 – The list of books recommended by Buck McMurray that every Direct Selling Leader needs to read
  • 38:40 – Buck McMurray shares the details of his upcoming book
  • 42:09 – Buck McMurray one piece of advice for building a successful Direct Selling Business

Name of the Guest – Buck McMurray

About Buck McMurray –

Having 20+ years of experience in the Direct Selling industry. He is a sales and marketing professional specializing in strategy, pricing, consumption chain, regression, conjoint analyses, account management, and public speaking/training. 

His emphasis has been on direct sales channels; and he is , experienced in traditional wholesale/retail working with big-box accounts.  Marketing experience includes : customer needs-based development, core demographic analysis, and strategic pricing.

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