6 Mistakes You Must Avoid to Build Your Wealth

by Janet Metzger | The Network Marketer's Den

Serena Chow grew up in Portland, Oregon. She is the oldest of four girls. Her dad was a business owner, and her mom taught at a local junior college. She earned her Business Administration degree from Oregon State University.
She was recruited out of college to work for IBM in San Francisco, and still lives in the Bay area today. While working in corporate, she met her husband Jon and left IBM after 9 years to raise their two children, Stephanie and David.

She ran a business from home selling Usborne Books for 16 years and home-schooled both kids. In 2010, after the first recession, Serena closed her Usborne business and went to work for Melaleuca, The Wellness Company. It’s been a rewarding 12 years so far, and she isn’t stopping!

Episode Summary –

Network Marketing is an interesting industry where almost 95% of people leave the industry within the first five years; on the other side, some people get to live their dream lives because of Network Marketing.
If you want success in Network Marketing, you need to find your way out; you need to create your own success journey.

My today’s guest Serena Chow is one such example. After leaving her successful corporate career and a gap of 9 years, she wrote a new success comeback story for herself.

In this episode, Serena Chow shares some valuable strategies and insights that have helped her succeed.
Serena talks about some essential fundamentals of Network Marketing that are crucial for success.

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:
Serena talks about how she started her career in Network Marketing after working for 9 years in IBM. And what has been her motivation for sticking with the industry for 28 years.
Serena shares the schedules that have helped her succeed.
Serena talks about the things that bug her about Network Marketing.
Serena shares strategies for how she helps her team members achieve their goals.
Serena talks about how she finds people who are leaders.
Serena talks about how her corporate experience has helped her in the Network Marketing business.
Serena talks about the power of connecting with people.
Serena talks about the importance of persistence in her business.
Serena’s pieces of advice on how to become a successful Network Marketer.

How to Connect with Serena Chow:
LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/serena-chow-passive-income-specialist-56590410
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/serena.chow.773