Don't Reinvent the Wheels

by Janet Metzger | The Network Marketer's Den

Episode Summary –

Mastering the art of duplication is a must if you want to succeed in Network Marketing.

Trying to reinvent the wheel will not only kill a lot of time, but you can also not guarantee its success.

Duplication becomes easier as you know this has worked in the past, and it helps you to focus on the business rather than putting your effort & time into everything.

In this episode, I dig deep and discuss why you should not reinvent the wheel or why you should master the art of duplication. 

Snapshot of the Key Points from the Episode:

  • Reasons why reinventing the wheel is not advisable in your Network Marketing business.
  • Examples of some company tools you can duplicate.
  • The importance of Opportunity Meetings –
  • How to utilize it? Why is it important to duplicate the process? What mistakes do most Network Marketers make?
  • Why should you duplicate the systems & tools of your company?
  • What should you use for your company’s branding materials?